Covid-19 continues to fill our lives with concerns for safety and how we protect ourselves and those around us. As the situation goes on it has become necessary as a therapist to bear in mind government guidelines and guidelines from my governing body, along with the need of my clients.  This guidance takes my practice forward, along with an open and flexible mind that I consider is proactive to the situation rather than reactive.

What this means is that I am now offering more online sessions to cope with the demand from those working from home around the country.  Many local clients were finding it hard to continue to find privacy at home so a return to face to face sessions has been welcomed and this is possible following the guidance available.

With that in mind I can confirm that I have carried out a risk assessment for the premises I use and find it suitable for the current situation. Clients use hand gel on entering and leaving and the safe suggested distance of 2 metres is kept at all times. 

Masks are not compulsory as yet, but if the number of cases locally begin to rise then this will be a consideration, however, if clients want to wear masks now that it something we will happily do.

As ever, I will try to allow client choice to be acknowledged.

Update 22:09:20

In acknowledgement of the rising concerns surrounding Covid-19 I would like to confirm that I will continue to offer face to face sessions to those wanting them, and that facemasks will be available in the therapy room for those that require them. It will not be compulsory to wear one as yet as the safe distance is easily adhered to, but this I will continue to monitor.

Update 02:11:20

The lock down in March gave me the opportunity to experience the pros and cons of providing therapy solely online. My understanding of the guidance we were given was that I should not continue to offer face to face sessions, for safety reasons, so I closed my office and moved online.  Some current clients adapted to the move quite easily, and I now have a small group of online clients that I have never met in person who I do not feel miss out by conducting all sessions online.

However, for many, especially younger people, the move was not a choice they felt happy with and they prematurely ended therapy. Some found it difficult to find privacy as homes were accommodating higher numbers, and others really wanted  to talk in person.  

At a time when mental health is such an important consideration I find it essential to keep therapy accessible to those that reach out for support, so I have made the decision to keep offering face to face sessions. I feel that I cannot offer a full service online therefore need to continue offering sessions in person. We understand a lot more about the transmission of the virus and I feel this is not compromised by continuing sessions as long as safety measures are taken. 

So during this next period of lockdown there will not be any changes to how I operate other than the wearing of masks where possible. We will continue to use sanitizer, the room will be ventilated, and we will remain at least 1 metre apart.

I will continue to take on new clients, and the wishes of my current clients will be satisfied. Those that want to take a break during lockdown can rebook now for December so that their slots are held. Please let me know if it is your choice to not continue for now, otherwise I will assume we are continuing as usual.

The situation remains flexible and any future guidance will need to be considered so things may change again, but please be assured I will try to keep therapy being offered in the ways that suits you all.