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I know that anxiety affects so many aspects of life. It can cause sleepless nights and control how you access the world around you. It can ruin relationships and make you isolate from family and friends. Anxiety has significant links with depression, which can leave you without energy and reduce your will to do things.  There are many causes of anxiety and depression, its a very individual  experience and can be caused by many different life experiences, but I have been encouraged to see those crippled by these challenges regain their lives through therapy



These coping methods may be the symptoms of the struggle you are facing, symptoms that you may feel you have no control over. They may be  signs that your body is taking over and saying 'help!'  Therapy is that help.  Finding out what is causing these coping methods is a start, finding a way to lessen their grip is the continued work we will do.  Watching people walk away from therapy no longer shackled by these invasive symptoms is one of the most fulfilling parts of my work.



Experiencing loss takes many different forms including loss of work, of people and loss of things. I know how each loss can have a devastating impact on how you live your life and I can help you in that struggle. It may mean being with you through the grief, listening to how you feel and how your world has been turned upside down. It may mean helping you face that your life has changed without your choice and finding ways to see a future



I provide the safe environment that couples need to explore their relationship, one where they can express how they feel knowing that they will be seen and heard, where their concerns will be explored and their feelings not overlooked.  Losing boundaries and not being able to communicate can start difficulties in any relationship, so finding a safe space where feelings can be shared can bring understanding back to a relationship where it has just slipped out of view. My training in this area is based on the therapy offered by  Relate and can be more solution focused and directive. We may work on communication, the different ways in which relationships are approached and how expectations way differ. the aim is to find ways to move forward and generate understanding on both sides. 



I cannot ignore how often people coming to me for therapy have suffered some kind of trauma in their life. Often they have dismissed it as unimportant or make it less by comparing it to others, but trauma has a significant impact on how our mind and bodies work, and  it needs attention.  This work is gentle and lead by you. Not all trauma work needs you to discuss the event as there are other successful ways of giving you the help you need and I feel that is important for you to know that. Being able to give that assurance has eased many into starting therapy.

I studied Rewind Therapy initially to help bridge the gap in the treatment of veterans suffering from PTSD, but have subsequently found it amazing in helping others with PTSD symptoms.  In working this way we are able to assimilate the traumatic imprints left by past events and stop them intruding in your life.As part of my commitment to this therapy and in my absolute belief in its efficacy, I offer this treatment to veterans for free.  If that is you, please contact me and we will have a discussion to decide of Rewind Therapy could help you.

I was recently asked by the Police Firearms Officers Organisation to become one of their approved counsellors which was an opportunity I wholeheartedly embraced, feeling quite honored to be asked to be part of the support network for those involved in firearms operations, and their families.



Addiction can take many forms including food and substances. Understanding addiction is a good way to begin dealing with the problem and having worked with those battling addiction I can help you look at why addiction became your way of coping, and support you as you tackle the issues that we find. For some addictions it may be necessary to work alongside the advice of a Doctor if you are looking to stop dependency.



The world has change so much and young people have to now deal with lots of life experiences that they are not quite emotionally ready for, or know how to deal with. Judgement maybe something they fear, so often I find that offering a confidential space where fears can be expressed and explored is sufficient to help them through this very tricky transition into adulthood.  


 Whilst every young person has individual needs the commonality is that anxiety is often based in uncertainty, whether it be structural, sensory or social. Identifying these needs and helping to find certainty relevant to the individual can help young people find the confidence in the world that has been missing.



We are becoming more aware of the Neurodiversity we have in the world, and also the struggles that are caused by a society that is developed in the interest of the majority.  This means that those that may approach relationships differently, or process situations in a different way may feel 'different' or out of place. In working with those with Autism, Aspergers or ADHD I find that by moving away from the general label and focusing on the individual and their own challenges can help  bring more sense to the struggles they are facing. 


Sometimes families need support when those close to them approach things in a very different way, or when they just need to vent their inner most feelings. I have worked supporting children with different needs in an educational setting  for many years, and have done much research in this subject area with a hope to bring understanding to the challenges it can bring. My experience  has brought me diverse perspectives which allows me some insight into the challenges faced.

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